My apple devices

Introduction of 8 APPLE devices I owned and the way I use them.
Purchasing & Using guide of APPLE product.

MacBook Pro 2016

productivity Tools

This is my graduation gift from high school. It spent two years with me in Australia. Apart from crashing when it comes to 3D, the powerful computer has barely dropped the ball. Of course, as an over $4000 laptop, it shouldn't be. MacOs, accurate retina screen and giant touch pad are the best parts of this laptop while scissor-switch keyboard on the old Macbook is way better than butterfly keyboard.

iPad Pro 12.9 G2

So-called "Productivity Tool"

I believe this situation is quite common. People think they will use iPad as a productive tool before purchasing, they are planning to use it to do note taking, drawing and article writing to replace laptop. However, eventually, they will all become a bigger screen iPhone, especially for watching YouTube and Netflix. Using the same operating system is the biggest shortcoming of this iPad. But with new full-screen iPad came out, equipping with Type-c and new iPadOS, using iPad to replace PC might be on the way.

iPhone X

A warm old frind

Same as MacBook Pro. This is my graduation gift from high school. Apple product the wonderful glass material and screen, I never liked to have cases and screen protector. So, here is the result. And the new iPhone is only two months away, so these two months became suffering. From a product perspective, full-screen and face id are absolutely advance than other companies two years ago. But A11 processor are produced with flaws. While you are playing games or doing “heavy” jobs, it will become super-hot and screen will automatically dim out to protect itself.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Better, but not Pro enough?

Some say it is better, but it is not pro as it is named. But in my opinion, I could write an essay to say how good and powerful it is. You can assume apple is showing off, due to the special glass cutting process, the ugliest camera part become the most beautiful part of this iPhone (in my and my friend’s opinion). A13 chip is absolutely the most powerful chip now. The most important thing is, finally, someone has stood out and shouting out loud that computational photography and sematic rendering will be the centre of mobile phone photography in next 5 to 10 years. Every picture or preview you take using iPhone 11 pro are assembled with 8 to 16 pictures.


A $249 must-have for Apple fans

Even if it is worn for a long time, the ears do not feel uncomfortable. It's worth noting that the AirPods can easily switch with apple's own devices and sync the AirPods' connection information to other devices via an iCloud account once connected to the iPhone. The AirPods seem to have a bit of a flaw in the earbud joint. However, the AirPods' overall design is so good that the flaws do not outweigh the drawbacks. Only apple can make this $249 earphone a must-have for apple fans.

Apple Pencil

The most expensive note-taking tool

When I was in MUFY, I was planning to use iPad to do note taking. But ideas are always look great. Writing on the screen will not be better than on the pater until next futuristic tech appears. And the way it charges is ridiculous. Within expectation, I break it when it was charging, but it still working. Luckily, apple change the way it charges on apple pencil 2nd. But the price is not just a new pen but an new iPad as well.

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad - Space Gray

Nothing but rubbish

This must be the worst apple product I've ever bought. It is just a black version of white magic keyboard and was originally only in $20,000 iMac Pro packaging, not for retailing. But it just looks so great that a lot of apple fans are willing to pay the bill. It will waste you $219 and it is too low for you to comfortably typing. The most ridiculous thing is it is $40 more expensive than white one, and it is just because it is black. :)


Amazing sound quality

This speaker was bought last year when I was in MUFY. This can be the speaker has the best sound quality in the field of smart speaker. Apple's unique spatial awareness technology. The technology could allow HomePod to automatically analyze sound quality with spatial-sensing technology no matter where it is in the room without disturbing neighbors. Moreover, 6 microphones and A8 chip allows you to answer the phone even you are in the bathroom and it’s in the living room.

About Myself

A Huge apple fan

I've been a crazy apple fan for 9 years, since the launch of the iPhone4. During these years, me or my families have owned almost all Apple product. In recent years, I've tried to jump out of the apple ecosystem, but I've failed. It kept me inside. Thus, I suppose I'm qualified to offer some suggestion to those who are intended to get one of these product and share the way I use them.